Replacement driver's license for ex-FRY by AU no. 02/2017

Replacement driver's license of former RFJsë, in a RKS driver's license, have right all citizens who possess a driver's license of former FRY issued in the territory until June 10 1999.

Required documents are:
- Copy of driver's license of former RFJ (if the applicant has) card file or copied to the driver's license of former RFJsë, signed by QPD-officer of, or confirmation of possession of data base data under Article 15 of this Administrative Instruction
- Copy of ID or passport copy of the Republic of Kosovo validity term
- Health certificate for professional categories. (A1. A. C1. C1E. C. CE. D1. D1E. D. DE).
- Receipts, with many of 15 euros.

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